Our Product

Silicone based Defoamer

UNICHEM-3499 is a high performance food grade silicone antifoam scientifically formulated for the control of unwanted foaming in cooling water and other water systems.

UNICHEM-3499 is a superior; silicone based water antifoam emulsion which combines high efficiency with outstanding versatility for a wide variety of applications.

Product Benefits

  • High performance silicone based antifoam.
  • Food grade.
  • Excellent agent for foaming controller in water systems.
  • Very versatile, can be used in a wide variety of applications.

Application & Dosage Information

  • UNICHEM-3499 is typically applied between 5 and 100ppm in the re-circulating water.
  • UNICHEM-3499 may be diluted using either softened or demineralised water, for continuous pumped application. However, where only intermittent dosage is required it is recommended that.
  • UNICHEM-3499 is premixed with 4 parts water prior to addition to the system.

Product Properties

Form: Liquid
Colour: Off white
Odour: Negligible
pH: ~ 7.0
Relative density: 1.0
Solubility in water: Dispersible