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Cooling System Scale & Corrosion Inhibitors

To ensure that open and closed cooling systems are well maintained and operate at optimum efficiency it is essential that the correct water conditions are maintained at all times. This can be achieved using carefully selected scale and corrosion inhibitors designed specifically for such cooling systems.

UNICHEM advanced technology cooling water scale and corrosion inhibitors have been scientifically formulated to protect cooling systems from the effects of both scale build-up and metallic corrosion in a single product.

Our scale and corrosion inhibitors deliver improved performance, helping to reduce maintenance costs, improve reliability and optimise operational efficiency.

UNICHEM 3355 is a high performance; non-volatile cooling water corrosion inhibitor and scale dispersant scientifically formulated for the treatment and protection of open circuit evaporative cooling water systems and air conditioning plant facilities.

UNICHEM 3355 is a highly versatile cooling water product comprising an alkaline blend of anodic and cathodic inhibitors based on phosphate, a threshold deposit control agent and a sludge conditioner combined with bromine pre-cursor.

In addition, UNICHEM 3355 offers effective protection to multi-metal HVAC systems.

Product Benefits

  • Advanced corrosion inhibitor and scale dispersant for HVAC.
  • Suitable for use in open circuit evaporative cooling system.
  • Suitable for use in air conditioning systems.
  • Effective deposit control agent.
  • Sludge conditioner with bromine pre-cursor.
  • Effective protection to multi-metal systems.
  • Combines with UNICHEM activator products to control microbiological growth
  • Good environmental profile with no heavy metals in product.
  • Protection over a wide range of temperature.
  • Protection in low hardness and low alkalinity conditions.

Product Properties

Form: Liquid
Colour: Clear brown
Odour: Almost odourless
Relative density: 1.21

Application & Dosage Information


To ensure rapid film formation and corrosion control the system should be passivated for a period of at least one week with 800 to 1000ppm UNICHEM 3355 in the system water.

Continuous dosage:

UNICHEM 3355 should be dosed to maintain a reserve of 200-300ppm in the system water. For maximum control and economy it should be dosed in proportion to make-up requirements.

Our technical consultants will advise you of the ideal level of dosage and testing regime for your individual system.