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High silica Reverse Osmosis Chemicals:

Unichem 3292 is a high performance non hazardous reverse osmosis (RO) Antiscalent and dispersant, scientifically formulated for the treatment and protection of reverse osmosis membranes under high silica feed water conditions.

Unichem 3292 can be used in reverse osmosis applications where the reject brine silica levels are as high as 150 ppm at 30oC and pH 7.5.

Unichem 3292 is a proven high performance scale inhibitor against calcium carbonate and calcium sulfate scalants and combats silica fouling by a combination of anti-precipitation, anti-agglomeration and dispersancy processes.

Unichem 3292 is compatible with a wide range of materials and unlike other Antiscalent, is not deactivated in the presence of iron

Product Benefits

  • Highly efficient Antiscalent and dispersant for reverse osmosis membrane systems.
  • Designed for high silica feed waters.
  • Very effective Antiscalent.
  • Prevents low production and poor permeate quality.
  • Prevents downtime and increased costs.
  • Combats silica fouling.
  • Is not deactivated in the presence of iron
  • Non Hazardous.

Product Properties

Form: Liquid
Colour: Amber
Specific gravity: 1.13 – 1.17
Flash point: > 93.3 oC
pH: 9.8 – 10.2
Solubility in water: Complete
Freezing Point: < – 4oC

Application & Dosage Information

Unichem 3292 recommended dosage is 1 ppm in the feed water for every 6 to 10 ppm of total silica in the feed water, depending on the operating pH and temperature.

With high silica brines, 180 to 230 ppm (in the concentrate), it is essential the correct dosage of Unichem 3292 be present in the feed water at all times. Silica fouled membranes are extremely difficult to clean.

Silica fouling is difficult to predict as both dissolved and colloidal silica may be present and their reaction chemistry is complex.

The prevention of substrate material such as insoluble calcium and iron salts is an important aspect in preventing silica fouling.