Our Product

Non Oxidizing Biocode

UNICHEM3381 biocide is effective in controlling bacterial slime and fungal growth in industrial recirculating cooling water systems, air washer systems and evaporate condensers. UNICHEM3381 is also effectively used in paper mills and cane sugar mills. UNICHEM3381 is a highly effective Microbiocide formulation wherein it forms electrostatic bonds with carboxyl group in protein and enzymes that interfere with oxidation-reduction and other biochemical reactions. Quaternary ammonium compounds penetrate cell wall, lysis occurs, and metabolites leak out causing death of cell, thereby stunting their growth.

UNICHEM-3381 is a specific blend of biocide based on organic compounds for effective control of algae, fungi and general type of bacteria found in cooling water systems. The active biocide causes stress on cell wall of bacteria causing cell lysis and cell death.

Product Benefits

  • High performance biocide adjunct used for generating hypobromous acid.
  • Effective at low concentrations.
  • Effective at high pH.
  • Controls a wide spectrum of bacteria, algae and fungi.
  • Simple to control.

Product Properties

Appearance: Colourless to brown solution
Odour: Negligible
Flammability: Non-flammable
pH: 8 – 10
Relative Density: 1.14
Solubility in water: Complete

Application & Dosage Information

UNICHEM-3381 must be applied in specific mixing/dosing unit. The resultant mixture can be added directly to the tower sump or any other convenient point in the system. We will advise on the selection of the correct mixing/dosing equipment.