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Neutralizing Amine

Condensate systems have problems caused by iron and copper corrosion, neutralizing amines are used to neutralize the acid (H+) generated in the condensate. They control corrosion in the condensate system by maintaining a protective coating of iron oxide over the metal surfaces, while supplying sufficient material of an alkaline nature, to neutralize the carbonic acid that is formed in the condensate system. Our formulation is a blend of volatile product for steam condensate treatment that provides the direct neutralization of carbon dioxide and ensures positive corrosion protection. It is formulated to provide an ideal vapour-liquid distribution ratio, to protect all parts of the steam/condensate system with the minimal product loss.

UNICHEM 3240 is a neutralising amine developed for use in steam lines where the control of pH is essential.

UNICHEM 3240 reacts with acids produced in normal boiler operation, controlling pH, thus protecting pipe work which would otherwise be subject to vigorous attack.

UNICHEM 3240 may also be used in HPHW systems to raise the pH without substantially raising the conductivity.

Product Benefits

  • Excellent pH control, helping to protect vulnerable pipe work.
  • High performance corrosion inhibitor based on neutralising and filming amines.
  • Can be used in High pressure Boiler systems to raise the pH.

Product Properties

Appearance: Clear colourless liquid
pH: 12 approx
Sg: 0.97 approx
Flash point: 57 °C:

Application & Dosage Information

  • UNICHEM 3240 has the advantage of being dosed directly into the feed water make-up together with other chemical treatment. This is possible due to its high volatility, the vapours being carried over into the steam lines direct from the boiler ensuring an even distribution over the entire system.
  • A special dosing point in the boiler shell is NOT necessary.
  • Dosage rates are determined on site by in-situ application tests to obtain optimum conditions.