Chiller Chemicals


Best Chiller Chemicals Supplier India

UniChem Chemical Industries produces high Quality Chiller Chemicals to treat the Chiller Unit in the Industrial Plant. This Chemical products are responsible for maintaining the Chiller Machine efficiently by killing the Bacteria & avoiding the corrosion causes

Chiller Plant includes Compressor, Condenser and Evaporator and all together facilitate the Cooling water to run the Complete water cycle in the Organization

Chiller Chemicals Products include:

  • Anti-Corrosion Agent
  • Biocide Product
  • Passivation Agent

Get in touch with the team via Call (+91)-7088848885 or, you will be guided with perfect product to your Chiller Tower in your Organization at any location in India: Vizag, Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai, Noida, Hyderabad Ahmedabad, Delhi, Etc